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When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. ~Hendrix
By: Shane Noble

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Back from the Dead

Ivy Gate
Torn Up
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The first post in a long time. This is a collection of some of the things I've been working on this semester. Almost all pictures were taken in Green Point Brooklyn using both night and daylight photography.

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Straight from the Darkroom

City Waste
"Project Stairs"
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Here are a few prints straght from the darkroom today. The "City Waste" and the "Project Stairs" were both taken in Queens. The second prints are of one orignal image taken in downtown Manhattan, it was glass tile on some random building, and i applied a negative exposure effect to it. I can't figure out why the bottom is blurry in the negative image and not in the orignal.

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Misc. Photos

5th Ave. tree
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These are an assortment of photos I devoloped that were kicking around. All these pictures were taken when i was supposed to be working on my final. They were taken mostly in Manhattan but a couple came from my skechy trip down to jamaica ave. The barbwire shot was put in brown toner for entirely too long, but it doesn't look so bad.

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Photography II Final

Brooklyn Door
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This is my final line up of prints for my Photography II class.. The whole idea is showing the parts of NYC that people try to run away from. At one point all these places were homes of wealthy and middle-class families and businesses. Now they are run down, sold for little to nothing, and slowly decaying. This movement of the middle and upper classes to more upscale, modern neighborhoods by default created a place that would be inhabited by less fortunate, lower class families. This is how NYC has worked for decades, and continues to work to this day. One minority moves in, slowly creeps up and starts to become a majority, thus causing the previously existing majority to move out. This chain of events is why NYC has entire parts of town with signs only in foreign languages, so if you donâ??t speak Korean, youâ??re shit out of luck. The problem I see with this, is that when these upper and middle class families move, these areas quickly fall apart. Through this project, I want to take those places, that everyone forgot about and stopped caring for, and capture them so you canâ??t deny it. The idea is that if it were in your face, a repetition of the message would prove valuable, ideally causing the feeling of guilt, followed by the desire to change.

4 more on the way
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